Incorporated Orange County Chapter

New York State Archaeological  Association

Founded in 1958 in Middletown, New York

Orange County Chapter Meetings And Activities

The Chapter normally meets 7:30 pm on the third Friday of the month except July, August and November, at the Mulbury House Senior Center located at 62-70 West Main Street, Middletown, NY 10940.

Scheduled Programs

April, 2014 Meeting: “Fire in the Ramapos” will be presented by members of Rockhouse Mountain Music, Suzanne and Norman Brahm, with technical/visual assistance from Doc Bayne.  The program consists of a study of the misplaced residents of Ramapo Mountain communities.  It will be  narration, music, and visual format.  The repertoire will be from the CD by the Brahm Family, entitled “Fire in the Ramapos,” produced and released by the Palisades Park System in 2001.

May, 2014 Meeting: “Florist Site Update” by Stephanie Tice Benson, Chapter Dig Chair.

Future programs announced on our Blog and Chapter’s Facebook page.

Field Trips

Saturday, June 7, 2014: The Susquehanna River Archaeological Center (SRAC), Waverly, NY.

Field Work and Laboratory Sessions announced as scheduled on the Chapter’s Facebook page.

Meeting Time

7:30 pm on the third Friday of the month except July, August & November

Meeting Location

Mulbury House Senior Center, 62-70 West Main Street, Middletown, NY 10940.


The Archaeologist, monthly newsletter. 

2014 September The Archaeologist, Vol. 9 (1.0 MiB)

Occasional Papers, journal, published occasionally.

Chapter Officers

President:  David Johnson 2013-2014
Vice President:  Stephanie Benson  2013-2014
Treasurer:  Jon Leonard 2013-2014
Recording Secretary:  Priscilla Johnson  2013-2014
Corresponding Secretary:  Sharon Assmus 2013-2014

Doc Bayne 2013-2014
John “Chuck” Tudor  2013-2014
Barry Kass   2014-2015
Gary Keeton 2014-2015

Contact Information

US Mail: 34 Clark Rd, Goshen, NY 10924

Chapter Site:
Facebook page:

2013 Meetings

January to April:  Laboratory Sessions.

May to October: Field Season.

January — Meeting; Speaker: Dave Johnson “Great Houses, Kivias,  Chacoan Roads.”

Field Trip: Doc Bayne, “Lakeville Iron Trail Hike.”

Offsite programs: Doc Bayne “Understanding Bears” at Sterling Forest State Park; Clif Patrick, “Traces of the Past…” at Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame.

February — Meeting; Speaker: Cory Harris “Archaeological dig at Fuller Mountain Preserve.”

Field Trip: Doc Bayne, “Beavers on Ice.”

Offsite program: Clif Patrick, “Traces of the Past…” at Harness Racing Museum & Hall of Fame.

March — Meeting; Speaker: Barry Kass “Ancient Civilizations in Mesoamerica: The Olmecs, Zapotecs, Mayans and Aztecs of Mexico and Central America.”

Executive Board Meeting.

Field Trip: Goosepond Mtn. State Park Astronomical Observatory Ruins.

Offsite program: Clif Patrick, “Traces of the Past…” at Sterling Forest State Park

April — Meeting; Speaker:

Field trip: Flint Mine Hill.

Offsite program: Clif Patrick, “Chester’s Erie Stations” at Orange County Community College.

May — Meeting; Speaker: Gary Sipila & Joe Mlcoch “Types of chert found at Flint Mine Hill, Coxsackie, New York.”

Field trip: Iona & Rock Islands.

Offsite program: Tom Brennan,“Land Surveying Long Ago;” David Johnson, “Navajo & Hopi Southwest Sites Survey”

June — Meeting; Speaker: Doc Bayne “Making Iron.”

July — Annual Picnic.

Offsite programs: Stephanie Benson & Gary Keeton,“Local Archaeology Talk,” at Woodbury Library. Clifton Patrick, “Local Mines” – at Woodbury Library.

August — Field Trip: Gary Keeton, “History of D&H Canal.”

Offsite program: Doc Bayne, “Reading the Woods” at Sterling Forest State Park.

September — Meeting; Speaker: Dr. Kurt Carr “Finding the Fort at Fort Hunter Mansion and Park, Dauphin County Pennsylvania: A summary of the 2013 excavations.”

Field Trip: Iona Island, the Mysterious Island in the Hudson River.

October — Meeting; Speaker:  Jim Wisochlo “Findings from New Site on His Family Farm.”

Field Trip: Dutchess Quarry Caves.

Co-Host: 27th Annual Highlands Archaeological and Historical Conference

Offsite program: Clif Patrick, “Traces of the Past:…” to the Community Garden Club of Marlborough on Hudson.

November — Annual Meeting, Elections & Awards Dinner. Featured speaker: Gregory D. Lattanzi, “It Fell from the Sky: Abbott Zoned Incised and its connections to the ritual of feasting during the Middle Woodland Period”

Field Trip: Indian Hills section of Sterling Forest State Park.

December — Meeting & Holiday Party.